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Empty walls were brought back to life. Because we know that we cannot just take but give back as well, we have created a unique concept of three pails to be filled with experience and ideas of both tradition and transition:

TO EXPERIENCE: an opportunity to experience farm life in its purest form. Learn how to garden, plant a tree, feed the animals or take them to pasture, learn how to cook traditional meals on a real wood-burning stove...

TO LEARN: we offer workshop space and actively participate in their organization if requested. For several years, we organized camps, workshops and field trips for students. Appropriate for team buildings and various courses (cooking classes, photography, sports...). If you are interested in organizing a group event in Robidišče, we offer a preliminary guided tour of the area in order to explain the details. Upon request, we can organize the whole event for you as well.

TO CONTRIBUTE: if summers are usually filled with tourists and holidaymakers, off-season is perfect for guests who are prepared to create something unique for the village itself. For the last few years, students of material design have been coming to Robidišče to attend our jointly organized stone and wood design workshops with the goal of equipping the village with original objects. Geography students, on the other hand, helped us map footpaths and prepare brochures with information for tourists and other visitors. Our friends helped us organize a small gallery and library. Therefore we offer a special experience to the creative souls among you. Bring your innovative idea to Robidišče and realize it here. Let yourself be inspired by the unique Karst landscape, the beauty of forests, the tranquillity of pastures and fields or the wonderful spirit of historical houses. Send us an e-mail and we will discuss the possibilities of turning your idea into reality.

Is it a treehouse? A musical instrument deep in the forest? A bench made of recycled materials or an outside classroom? If you have an idea, bring it on! Visitors prepared to invest some of their creativity into the village will be compensated with free accommodation.