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Dear Stasa,
thank you very much for the very friendly reception and for showing us the opportunities in which apartment we can live in. In most of all i also have to to say - as well as for my friends - THANK YOU for the baking bread and the apple pie! At first we thought it is a long way for fishing in the Soca and Idricia, but on the other hand my friends feel so well in this apartment. Normaly they fish too if it rains, but in this case with some fire in the ofen they stayed at "home" because it was so comfortable :-)
Many Greetings from Munich
Bernhard, 21.5.2012

Meseszerű, bájos kis falu a szlovén-olasz határon 11 állandó lakossal, 700 m tengerszint feletti magasságban, körben hófödte hegycsúcsok még májusban is. Öreg, kőböl épült parasztházak igényesen felújítva. A reggeli helyben sütött kenyér, kecskesajt, házikolbász, paraszttojás, házi sütemény, méz. Csend, nyugalom, pihenés.
(source: www.hellotourist.com)

Robidisce is a hidden gem! I try to spend some time there with my family every summer. The village that used to be a lively place but is now a friendly "ghost town" breathes history. It has a unique location near river Nadiza and other traveler's delicacies of the Soca valley, but at the same time, it is remote and quiet, away from the crowds. The air is crisp fresh and if you bring children, they will have an opportunity to feed the goats and the hens. Stasa, who is an excellent hostess, has become the smiling symbol of the house. Her kitchen is filled with mouth-watering scents whether she bakes bread, makes cottage cheese or cooks a delicious meal with ingredients from her perfectly natural organic garden. You will definitely feel at home. You won't get the 5-star overdone pampering treatment of more touristy places. We like that. The pampering gets annoying, whereas Robidisce is pure authenticity. In the evening, take a stroll to the village bar, have a pancake, some cheese, a home-made "strudel" or just some beer and listen to the locals complaining about the weather or the recent news. And if you have extra energy, take a hike to one of the nearby mountains or jump into the warm water of river Nadiza.
We are definitely going back this summer again!