Who are we?

Visiting Robidišče is like revisiting the past. And that is exactly how we feel as well. We are proud to have turned a new life in this once forgotten village, renovated the torn down houses and created something that only a while ago might have seemed impossible. 

We are following the steps of grandpa Dante who was born in the house and took care for the family values, such as respecting cultural heritage, soil, gardening, animals… His wooden baskets, big garden, trees, cutted stones… remind us that he is still with us. With grandma Vida they were brave enough to renovate the first house.

We believe that life should not be just about taking but about leaving something behind as well. 

We understand Robidišče village as our “out of comfort zone”, but also as a polygon for creativity and realisation of crazy ideas. It is a privilige in today’s world to be alle to find a balance with the city life we also live.

Welcome to join and see the beauty and efforts of our anchestors.


You can also follow us through the ROBIDIŠČE BLOG.

Meet us in person from 2015: