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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking: As stated in many MTB forums; »Top European mtb destination!« Over 1100 km of MTB paths, most of them already mapped in guide books and maps,, more than 33.000 m height difference on an immense network of WWI paths which make you reach unbelievable places. Places from where sights to highest Alps in the North are available, while the view to the south extends beyond the coast of Adriatic coast including Venice. Go for a ride, get some »local carbo-loading« with štruklji or polenta along the way and don’t worry about the rest – our mattresses are high quality and we offer a place to storage your bikes.
For more info visit: http://www.mtb-slowenien.de/

Take a look at some of the trails:

– behind the village: MTB TRAIL ROBIDISCE – NADIZA

– mount Joanaz, 5 kms away on italian side: MTB TRAIL JOANAZ

– mountain range Stol, 10 kms away: MTB TRAIL STOL

– mountain Matajur, 20 kms away: MTB TRAIL MATAJUR

– mountain Kanin, 25 km away: EXTREME MTB KANIN

Check newly built village trails from november 2018: