Hiking in Triglav National Park: 880 km2 or 3% of whole Slovenia, founded in 1924, this is one of the oldest national Parks in Europe. Preserved with a reason – here you can still hike in a very quite surrounding, and experience nature in it’s full beauty. Meet the sheppards with cows or sheeps along and buy cheese or visit some of the WW1 paths and ruins. Endless possibilities, endless length, endless panoramic views: other mountains, valleys, even Adriatic coast and Venice if you are lucky enough with the weather. Just get proper equipment, enough water and good maps. Many of paths also suitable for those with less condition and small kids.

Nice and easy hiking also just around the corner of the holidayhouse – crossborder hikes!

Some ideas:

Ivanac / Joanaz (1167 m)


From Brezje (Montemaggiore) to Nadiže source (Beli Potok / Rio Bianco)