Škvor Holiday Houses

Cancellation Policy in 2021

Cancellation Policy in 2021– related to the current unpredictable situation with COVID-19:

In 2020 we have decided for a very flexible cancellation policy. At the point of reservation we still ask for 20% deposit, which assures you the term you choosed will be reserved.

If it happens that you can’t travel due to health reason or closed border or anything else unpredictable, let us know and we will give you the voucher. You can use it whenever possible in the future – the price will remain the same. We will keep your deposit and stay in touch with you.

We are also offering you some extra service in case you will be interested – you will be able to take the vegetables from our garden (hope the weather will be on our side and that there will be crops), we will have a lot of stuff in our cellar (extra milk, pasta, butter, home made goodies, coffee, cheese etc…) to avoid shoppinge. This is our extra free offer for all.

We are also taking other cleaning measures to make your holidays safe!