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Dnevnik, dan 3 :-)

Friday, Day 3

Today we stayed in the garden. Some of us burnt the wood into a bonfire; some picked raspberries and peas and also podded them into a bowl. Others helped Stasa clean the cottage. Quickly time passed and lunch came. Stasa cooked us stew. The vegetarians had potato stew, the other option was beef and tomato. As a group we also picked fresh leaves from the herb garden for salad. After lunch, Simon and Stasa kindly offered to take us down to the river as it was a beautiful day and they said we had been working hard. I agree however it didn’t feel like work as we enjoyed our jobs so much. The river was stunning but cold. Stasa cooked some amazing dark chocolate brownies to snack on which was quite a treat. We also brought an inflatable ball to play with which kept us entertained. Some of us tried to skim stones in the water. When we came back, we went to the bar and we all brought some coke and savoury snacks. After, we cooked our dinner, which was a good experience as we collected fresh herbs and mixed it with the potatoes. Along with this we roasted some courgettes and spring onions on the barbeque and for meat eaters there were sausages available. Our dinner was surprisingly nice considering it wasn’t cooked by Stasa. Unfortunately, we all went to bed not particularly looking forward to leaving the next day.   

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