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Bodo približno nekaj v tem smislu. Logo bo Matjaž še malce dodelal… napis Robidišče gre v zgornji kot, streha na levi pa ven. Morda bo napis v obeh jezikih na eni majčki. Bomo videli, kaj bo rekel mojster.

Otroške številke bodo v vanilija barvi, dekliške v vijola in svetlo modri, moške v temno sivi, ženske pa v črni barvi. Zaenkrat.

Veliko dela… sproducirati navadno majčko. Še več… uskladiti vse okuse.

Will be a bit like this. Slight changes will apply for sure after the meeting with Matjaž. Colour of the T-shirt will depend: vanilia for children, violet or sky blue for girls, dark grey for men and black for woman. For now.

Quite a work… to “produce” a simple T-shirt. Even more… to agree on the design.

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  1. i don’t know, my mom called my uncle Jozko and he said that my aunt will be there in the afternoon of tomorrow, so we decided to go the next weekend (and i really hope!), i said to my mom that if we find the shirts, i will buy one to her 😉

    i was looking at your cool blog, even the photos of Jože and Ana….you don’t know how many juices i drank there from the age of 4 to the of 23 more or less 😉

    hope to see you soon

    ps: i don’0t know janko but my mom said “oh…he’s an engineer, i know him”…if it’s correct, we will see…bye!

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