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Hello and Dober dan! We are a group of students from Nottingham in England. We have come to Slovenia on a three week expedition involving two community projects – one in Kolovrat and one here in Robidišče, we have also planned to hike through the Juliske alps. Our reason for coming to Robidišče is to help out around the lovely, remote village in order to restore its previous efficiency and aesthetics prior to the ice storms last winter.

Our voluntary work has included helping the local farms, clearing fallen debris from collapsed trees, rebuilding the stonewalls that had been previously damaged and rejuvinating Stasa and Simon’s beautiful, vegetable-filled garden.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and it has been incredibly rewarding, educational and insightful to see how such a marginalised village can be sustained. The local people are friendly and welcoming. Stasa and Simon have been wonderful hosts and have provided exceptional accommodation and food (the food is amazing)! Igor and Emanuelo dedicated their time to show us local traditions (cheese making and farming procedures). The local bar provided a great place to relax and speak with some of the locals.

Overall, it has been a delightful experience and we hope that we have helped the village! It is heart-warming to see how passionate these people are about this village and it has been very inspirational. You can watch what we have been up to by clicking on this link which was broadcasted on national Slovenian TV: http://4d.rtvslo.si/arhiv/primorska-kronika/174288020
(Skip to 12:00 on the clip)

If you come to Slovenia, we would highly recommend you visit Robidišče for the people, the views and the community spirit which appears to be timeless within this village!

We wish all the best for the village in the future and thank you for reading this post!

(Written by Annie, Henry and Adam x)

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