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Pismo iz Avstralije / The letter from Australia


My name is Terese Tinoo (was Cencic before I married) I have recently received from my Aunt Cencic a partial family tree.

I live in Perth, Australia. My grandparents are from Robidisce. I am trying to find out the first name of my great great grandfather, who was apparently a vet. My grandfather, Adolf Cencic, and Great grandfather Victor Cencic were stonemasons before they were in army for wwI and WWII.

I am having trouble finding any information, a lot of the records from churches seems to have been destroyed during the war,and as you say in your blog, there are no longer many people living in Robidisce. (I dont know why, it seems beautiful)I was looking at google earth and found your farm house. And you seemed like maybe you would know of someone who may know who I am asking about!!

Or would you know or any organinsation I could contact,perhaps in larger town or city, like a meuseum that would have any photos, or old records that are remaining at all from that time?
I am sorry to bother you, and feel free not to reply if you dont have the time.

Terese Tinoo nee Cencic,
Western Australia


Dober dan,

uau, I am very happy that you contacted me through the blog. This was the reason why I started to write it – I would like to catch all possible moments of Robidisce past and present!!!

There were only 4 main familiy names in Robidisce and Cencic is still nowadays most popular. 5 out of 7 family names are Cencic today. There was a reasearch done by a ethnologist about the name Cencic. I haven’t read it but I have heard that the name Cencic probably comes from Bosnia or Croatia. My mother in law, who still live in Robidisce, has a lot of information. I will ask her about your interest. Unfortunately she doesn’t speak English, but I will help. I will see her next weekend hopefully.
Tell me, you are probably cousin of Victor from Venezuela? Is this your son on the picture? How old are you? I am 30 and I also have a little doughter… she will be 2 soon.
OK, talk to you soon,
PS: We have t-shirts with Robidisce motiv on. What size is your father?
PPS: Could I put this letter on the blog, please? I could hide the name, but I would prefer to put the whole letter on, so that some day someone else can network… who knows…
Dober Dan Stasa
Thank you for replying to my letter, your english is very good.Yes, that is my son, Joseph, who is 19 months old. I am 29.
I know from family information I have a cousin Victor from Venezuala. I think Victor is my second/third cousin. If his grandma is Zora Pausin, she is my Great Aunt, one of my Fathers Aunties. (I beleive she has passed away, and her husband Anton,I am not sure, that is indirect information)I also have another great aunt/uncle in Uraguay.
Apparently Great Aunt Vida and Uncle Marjan still live in Robidiscu???And they have children and great grand children.My grandmother and grandfather left after wwII, but Grandmother still had a house there. It feel into disrepair, especially after earthquake. I think a farmer is using it now. (not sure what for) My grandmother did not want to go back to visit again, she was very sad about what happened during the war, and never went back to Slovenia. My grandfather, however did visit a few times. His name is Adolf Cencic, and he passed away 10 years ago.

You have my permission to put my letter on your blog!I enjoyed reading your blog, it has lovely photos. I thought that perhaps you lived there as well as running the guest house, but I guess from your letter that you live in a bigger town/city.I loved seeing the old buildings. You are right, it is sad to see them unused and not repaired. I cant beleive that no one lives there much anymore, it seems beautiful, and not far from larger towns? Is it difficult to get there by car?
One day I would love to visit, but at the moment my son cannot travel overseas. I would especially love to look at buildings to see if I could find any built by my family!!

Thankyou for writing, I loved to hear your information


ps: I would love to buy a t-shirt. However, I am not sure how to go about it. If you had any available I would get whatever size you had!!! My father is not fat, so I guess a small/medium size.


Isn’t the world small? 🙂

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  1. hm zanimivo a ne…stari ata od moje žene se je pisal Cencič, pa še iz tistih koncev je bil….
    lp Bor(ut)

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