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Še več korenin / More roots

Spet me je v robidiščem nabiralniku čakalo pisemce:

My name is Jean-Luc and my mother’s family come from Robidisce with the name CENCIC Martha. Always I was fascined by the mystery of the Robidiscian people: from where they came? I know very well this little pretty place. The last time I was here is february 2007 and Igor Cencic, my cousin, inform me that if I would have information of the history of Robidisce a woman from Nova Gorica had written a book on this subject. I have no more news. (I hope to find also the origins of my ancients parents.)

My grandfather was Joseph Cencic, my grandmother was Cencic Angela my uncle Mirko Cencic was married with Cencic Marija and has left Robidisce to work in Argentina – Buenos Aires ……………..in 1945. If you want keep contact with me for informations or fotos write me please . I live in France department Moselle north est .It schould be a pleasure to read you .Merry Christmas and happy new year .

Sorry for the bad english!

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