Počitniška hiša Vida

House Vida, situated within the picturesque Škvor homestead in Robidišče, is a charming, culturally protected stone semi-detached house that has been beautifully renovated. This rustic yet elegant accommodation offers a unique experience in the tranquil countryside. The house features two rooms,  designed to blend modern comfort with the historic charm of the old stone architecture. Guests can immerse themselves in the rural lifestyle while enjoying the untouched surroundings and exploring the cultural heritage of the area. Perfect for those seeking a serene -family – retreat in a remote historical setting.

The house is surrounded by a nice garden where our guests mostly like to spend their time during the summer. If it is chilly outside, you are welcome to lit the fireplace in the living room and enjoy the wood-scented warmth it gives off.

Vida Holiday House - Skvor Robidisce


  • Odrasli: 4
  • Otroci: 4
  • Velikost: 60m²
  • Ležišče: dvojne postelje, kavč
  • Kategorija: Hiša