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Visiting Robidišče is like revisiting the past. And that is exactly how we feel as well. We are proud to have turned a new life in this once forgotten village, renovated the torn down houses and created something that only a while ago might have seemed impossible. Our extended family, infinitely happy to be surrounded by stone and wood, consists of 6 members.

First, we have to remember grandpa Dante’s who was born in the house and took care for the family values, such as respecting cultural heritage, soil, gardening, animals… His wooden baskets, big garden, trees, cutted stones… remind us that he is still with us.

Grandma Vida is the heart of the house. She plants flowers at the house, pampers us with her delicious cooking and picks the medicinal herbs that she uses for brewing tea. She takes great care of our guests as well, greeting them with traditional Slovenian food or homemade bread, hot out of the oven, and making sure that their bed linens and towels are always fresh and clean. As an accomplished story-teller, she has the ability to turn her rich knowledge of Robidišče into stories and legends that younger generations can appreciate and pass on.

Simon, the dad, firmly believes that life should not be just about taking but about leaving something behind as well. He made sure we “recycled” the houses and he makes sure that everything is in order at all times. He takes care of the heavier farm chores and sometimes he surprises us by barbecuing delicious food in the garden. He represents the hands of the house.

Staša, the mom, is the head of the family. She captures moments in time and space and makes sure they are not forgotten. You might find her baking or cooking at the house or guiding a group of curious visitors around the village, lovingly describing the beauty of its historical spirit.

Anuša is a smart and open-minded twelve-years old girl. She creates exhibitions of drawings or painted pebbles and sometimes she might be the one to assume the role of the village guide, confidently passing on everything she has learned in her short life so far. When she grows up, she will take over mom’s and grandma’s work.

Her eight-years old brother Janez puts on his little boots and makes sure we always have plenty of fresh eggs at the house. He feeds the chickens and supplies his thirsty gardeners with fresh water. He knows both parsley and basil and always brings the right herb. When he grows up, he will take over dad’s and grandpa’s work.

Nataša Dana is the youngest family member, nevertheless her eyes are already very curious… And those are farmhouses’s legs going to the future.

Meet us in person – from 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o_EAyI5wmM

Meet us in 2019…

…and still growing (but not in number of members):-)