Gravel and e-bike

This can simply be the most unique  mountain bike adventure combining cross-order trails in Slovenia and Italy. Starting from Robidišče, gravel, asphalt or enduro trails can lead you to hidden jams or the area. Make tour to Soca Valley, Adriatic Coast (Grado) or to Stol mountain range… but be careful, extra power needed to get back up hill 🙂

Some of the e-bikes MTB toures starting from Robidisce:

1. With e-bike to Ivanac / Joanaz (I) to see the junction of three worlds


2. With e-bike from Robidisce to the edge of Prealpi through Canebola to Prosenicco (I)

3. With e-bike to Prosenicco – Breginj – Logje – Robidisce

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