Škvor Holiday Houses


Let us help you organize your own experience

We are, more or less, locals. We know our neighbourhood very well, best providers, hidden places or must see sites. If we don’t know, we ask those, who might know. In case of any doubts, let us help you discover the unknown. Just send as an email with the questions[…]

Pick Your Own

Pick your own fresh vegetables from our environemntal and health – friendly vegetable garden. The garden lies 700 m above the sea level in harsh climate with four seasons. The taste of our vegetables is much different from the taste of the vegetables in mass production!

Mini eco spa

Feeling cold? Enjoy our Mini Eco Spa with Finnish Sauna! Recently restored ex stable. Forget about the time and worries and enjoy the warm atmosphere.


Barbaque during your stay? Possible. Outside Summer kitchen allows you to prepare dishes in any weather, even in snow 😉

Cook with locals

Ever heard of frika, polenta, minestra or struklji? We are happy to cook some local dishes for your or we could do it together!