Retreat yourself in one of the numerous hidden spots along Soca and Nadiza valley. According to local folklore, the waters of the Nadiža also possesses healing properties.

If interesting in meditation, we advise you energetically most powerfull places in the pasteries of Robidišče.

We are glad also to cooperate with MIHA SKOČIR, young yoga teacher, who started with one year training Hatha yoga in Kambodia and later on finished a yoga teacher training program in gurukula in Rishikesh, North India.

He is specialized for inner engineering programs, food management, wild plants and optimization of human body and mind for healthy living, using no extreme methods. He focused on implementing well being into every day life and work place with understanding and optimal operating of your self: body, mind, emotions and energies.

For him, Yoga is pure science for human being and he would be happy to prepare a program that would sut your soul best.